Employment Opportunities

AST2 is advertising the following position:

Title: Rapid Prototyping Lab Technician

Duties: Operate desktop additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping (AM/RP) equipment for on-site and remote access use to produce items from materials such as plastics, wood and acrylic.  Instruct users on CAD/CAM and use of AM/RP equipment. Knowledge of CAD/CAM, STL, MS Office and Windows-based applications is required.  Ability to read CAD drawings and schedule projects is necessary.

Hours: Full time, salary, permanent exempt position.  Generally, Monday-Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.

Rate of Pay: $52,374.00 (per DOL, ETA 9141)

Minimum Education Requirement: Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Skills Requirement: CAD/CAM and STL-related software applications; MS Office and Windows-based applications.  Ability to teach CAD/CAM and use of AM/RP equipment to users is necessary. Ability to operate and build projects with AM/RP equipment is required.  Excellent communication skills, written, oral and visual required.  Knowledge of materials, production processes, inventory management, quality control and production scheduling is necessary.

Work Location: Youngstown, OH

Submit letter of interest with resume to:

Julie Michael Smith, Executive Vice President

Applied Systems & Technology Transfer, LLC