Project Controls

AST2 utilizes industry standard project control systems and best practices to allow efficient project execution while simultaneously complying with Government procedures and regulations.  It uses the PROCAS accounting system software specifically developed for use by Government contractors which allows each project to be assigned a job number for segregation of all direct costs.  PROCAS system can support multiple contract types including Firm Fixed Price, Cost Reimbursable, and Time and Material.  AST2 can also use Deltek software system for project coordination.New Picture

AST2’s projects use a consistent WBS for budgeting, cost tracking, and scheduling to facilitate earned value management which allows for tracking of costs at a level appropriate for performance monitoring and project compliance.   AST2 can accommodate up to 4 levels of WBS with more than 1000 individual elements.  Budgets are established for individual subtasks to monitor costs and track performance.

Resource loaded schedules are developed for all projects using Microsoft Project or Primavera.  Project cost plans are generated both in tabular and graphical form, and actual costs and earned value are tracked against planned costs.  Senior management and project managers can monitor costs and performance on a regular basis at either the project or a WBS level, assess performance with costs incurred, determine EV metrics such as CPI and SPI, and take appropriate corrective actions.