AST2 uses a multi-level review process to ensure consistent high quality products which includes:


  • Peer review of all work products by a qualified staff
  • Management review of all deliverables by Project Manager and Program Manager
  • Inter- and intra-disciplinary review of all engineering products
  • In-process reviews of critical activities at various milestones (such as at 10%, 30%, 60% and 90% for all engineering products)
  • Use of subject matter experts from internal or external sources for technical reviews or to address unique challenges requiring high technical expertise

AST2 key personnel have previously established quality programs that have won numerous certifications, and those best practices have been incorporated in AST2’s quality program.  A few examples of these earlier efforts are provided below:

  • Established quality programs and achieved certifications from Army Materiel Command Contractor Performance Certification Program (CP)2
  • Established company-wide ISO quality program and achieved certification for a broad range of program activities
  • Established quality programs to comply with nuclear quality standards and successfully met quality inspections for design, fabrication, and construction programs from the Department of Energy and other organizations