Key Personnel

Joseph Jeswald: As Education Consultant, he brings over 35 years’ experience in secondary education and administration, STEM curriculum development and technology integration.  He was awarded a Masters’ in Education from Youngstown State University.

Jeff Patterson: Business Consultant with over 20 years’ of experience in business management, accounting, and finance.  He supports quality assurance and financial audits, cost accounting standards (CAS) compliance and other efforts.  He received Masters in Accounting from Youngstown State University.

Craig Richards: Software Development leader with extensive knowledge of programming, computer system, hardware interfaces, software development and proficiency in coding in a variety of languages.   He received a Masters’ in Computer Information Systems.

Mark Baka:   As Manager of rapid prototyping lab, he brings more than 20 years’ systems engineering experience complemented by pursuit of degree in secondary education at Youngstown State University along with Bachelor’s in Industrial Technology.

Francis Owusu-Dompreh: Supporting the rapid prototyping lab with experience in rapid prototyping lab management and CAD/CAM applications.  He has Bachelors’ in Mechanical Engineering and is pursuing Masters’ in Engineering.

Gelan Badr: Supporting the rapid prototyping lab with experience in rapid prototyping lab management and CAD/CAM applications.  She has Bachelors’ in Business Administration and is pursuing Masters’ in Engineering.

James Osterloh:   With more with more than 25 years’ of experience with US Nuclear Navy and industry, he has designed various first-of-a-kind systems; fabricated and systemized in-plant as well as modular equipment and systems; author of several related patents.  He is   currently working on integrating computer numerical control (CNC) machines with sensors for automation, productivity, and QA.  He holds a Bachelors’ in Electrical Engineering.

Eric Parker:  Technology Consultant with more than 20 years’ of experience in R&D, computer coding, development, and testing of software for program support, automation, instrumentation, and network support.  He supports development of virtual collaboration environment technology and created AST2’s STORM high security, private cloud technology. He received a Bachelors’ degree in Physics from College of Wooster.

 Al Unioine: He brings more than 40 years’ experience in DOE nuclear programs as well as energy programs, most recently serving as Chief Technology Officer of National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL).  He was awarded his PhD from University of Delaware in Mechanics & Hydraulics.

Peter Knox:  With more than 35 years’ experience in chemical process, municipal and government sectors, he specializes in market development, global intelligence and organizational transformation.  He received a Masters’ in Chemical Engineering from CalTech.

Song HuangHe brings over 40 years of experience in chemical, nuclear, munitions, power, and waste treatment industries.  He is as author of several national safety standards and has expertise in hazards analysis, accident assessment, and probabilistic risk analysis and safety analysis report, system failure scenario formulation, accident propagation, consequence and risk assessment.  He was awarded a PhD in Nuclear Engineering from Berkeley.